Buy video game music online and download movie soundtrack at a price as low as $ 1 a loop. Choose from a wide selection of genre of movie and video game music. After your PayPal payment, you will receive a email, to download your royalty free music.
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When will I be able to download my video game music or movie soundtrack ?
Within 24 hours of your purchase via PayPal, you will receive a WeTransfer link to download your loops via email. WeTransfer offers the download of your video game music absolutely free.
Can I assemble my loops in any order ?
All loops of the same song can be assembled in the order you want, giving you personalized music for your video game or movie
What will be the audio format of my video game music ?
You will send you studio quality audio, 48000 Hz stereo, 24-bit, .wav (.aiff .mp3 .flac .wma on demand). You will receive your music in a compressed folder which can be unpacked for free with the 7-Zip software.
Can I ask for a personalized video game music or movie soundtrack ?
You have a special request for the music of your movie or your video game: style, instrumentation, speed, tone? We can create customized music at a price that meets your budget. Also if you have suggestions of video game music styles.
Welcome to interested composers to sell their music on our site.
We know the work of a good music composition and the production of a quality recording is why we offer 60% of the profits, after the PayPal fees, to the composer and we keep 40% for the costs of web integration and Management. We pay via PayPal as soon as the customer has paid and downloaded his music. Send us a link to listen to your music and if we like your work we will send you more informations on how to join the Buy Video Game Music Online team.